Texcyngoods Women's Mesh Cigarette Cases for Regulars and Kings or Large Coin Purse with Twisp Clasp

  • $9.88

Enjoy the elegance of yesteryear with these retro shiny mesh cigarette cases for women.

  • Each cigarette case measures 5" tall by 3.5" wide (at the top), widening on the bottom to 4.25" to hold regular or king size cigarettes
  • Roomy case can hold other items, such as a portable ashtray or lighter, in addition to your smokes
  • Although there is no lighter holder, there is room in the case for a lighter along with your cigarettes
  • Shiny mesh exterior with lined interior
  • Silver tone frame with twist clasp closure
  • Can also be used as a large coin purse
  • The perfect smoker's gift

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