Portable Ashtrays on Key Rings for Your Pocket or Purse

  • $5.88

  • Set of 3 personal travel ashtrays
  • Measures approximately 2.5"H x 1.7"W x .5"D
  • Key ring attached
  • Ashtrays slide open sideways and out with lip to help keep ashes and butts in. Lip comes out for easy emptying.
  • These purse ashtrays make great smoker's gifts, so be sure to buy a couple sets!

This set of 3 travel ashtrays in popular prints is perfect for the responsible smoker that cares about the environment. These portable ashtrays have a key ring so they're easy to carry with you wherever you go. They are even small enough to carry in your pocket or slip in your purse. The ashtray compartment slides open and snaps shut securely. No more looking for a place to put out your cigarette, this convenient ashtray can go wherever you do. No more having to search, and hope, that you find a place to safely put out your cigarette when you're outside or in public.

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